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EBook - Get ER Done

Get ER Done

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There is a lot to do in life. Whether at home, work, or during your spare time, something is always demanding your time and energy. I’m sure you feel overwhelmed at times. Don’t you wish you could be more productive?

The Special Forces Green Berets are known as masters at getting things done. By normal standards, some of their missions would be deemed impossible. Oftentimes, they are expected to operate far behind enemy lines with limited resources. Their training equips them with principles and techniques that make them extremely effective at doing more with less. By using some of their methods you will be able to:

• Plan and use your time more effectively
• Increase your confidence
• Reduce distractions
• Train for success
• Improve commitment
• And much more!

Mike Martel uses his real-life experiences as a Green Beret to illustrate how you can use these principles and techniques in your life to Get Er Done. Being extremely effective in your daily life is a skill you can learn, and Mike will show you how!

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